Get higher conversion rate*

Friendize.Me provides shoppers with trusted advice from their knowledgeable friends


Reduce indecision, Increase Sales


Generate highly intentional traffic and re-target users


Install is Free, Easy and Swift. No Coding!


*and super satisfied shoppers

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Unique Features

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    On-Demand Friends' Advice

    One click tapping into friends' knowledge - Now shoppers can get on-demand, authentic and relevant advice from knowledgeable friends without leaving your shop.

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    Trusted Social Reviews

    Each existent review is from real person who is related to you and you can communicate with. No more anonymous meaningless junk.

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    Find the Right Friend

    Through sophisticated social networks' analysis, Friendize.Me identifies the right friends to contact, who are knowledgeable on the specific topic.

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    Loyalty Program Integration

    Participating users gather points and badges that can be converted to existent loyalty program and encourage additional sales.

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    Advanced Products Insights

    The structured nature of Friendize.Me provides comprehensive data mining capabilities, including trending products, products segment positioning and much more.

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    Deep Social Networks Integration

    Friendize.Me was designed bottom up with Social in mind. Social drives more traffic and engagement with your brand, while making the shopping extremely comfortable for the shoppers

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    Interactive Communication Channel

    Being based on real identities, Friendize.Me provides ability for the users communicate between them and for the retailer to participate in the conversation.

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    Embedded Gamification

    Game mechanics powers users' engagement, reputation management and particularly powerful between friends.

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