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What is the best device to listen to music while running?

Budget ($): 70-130
Primary Usage: FM Radio, Listening to Audio Books, Listening to Music
Predominant place of use: Jogging/Workout
Music Library Size: 0-500
Devices to be connected: Mac, Windows Computer/Laptop
Preferred method of listening to music: Wireless Earphones

Additional Info:
Allow radio in addition to MP3 Support a comfortable attachments to the body, as well as running earhpones

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MP3 players
My Opinion: Smallest player with color multi touch screen from Apple. Designed especially for different sport activities. 8Gb of memory on-board in standard. Build in FM radio, accelerometer Up to 24 hours of playback. Fast charge. And weight is only 21g.

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My Opinion: My wife uses it for running and exercising - and consumes the exact media described: radio, podcasts, audio books, and of course music. She makes playlists, and as the capacity is so big - did not erase anything (yet)...

Pros: very small, easy to strap (with accessories), easy to use

Cons: iTunes is a nightmare to non techies

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